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Gill Cleeren     Events | Windows 8 | WinRT     March 8, 2013    

Lots of attendees for my advanced MVVM talks at Belgium and the Netherlands. As promised, here are the demos and slides for the talks. Enjoy!



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Gill Cleeren         November 8, 2012    

As promised, here are my session slides and demos for the “Windows 8 Store apps and the outside world” session for Visug and Windows 8 Store app user group London. Enjoy!



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Gill Cleeren     Windows 8     August 23, 2012    

Since Windows 8 has been released on MSDN, many have run into problems on how to use the Enterprise version and get it to activate. As you may have noticed, during setup, you can’t enter your own key. So, how to get things to work. Follow the next simple steps and enjoy the fun of Windows 8 in full :)

  1. Download Windows 8 Enterprise from MSDN. Copy your key.
  2. Run the install of Windows 8. See, never during the install does it ask you for your key. Sad panda?
  3. With Windows installed (read: 5 minutes later :) ), you’ll get an error if you try to activate.
  4. Open an elevated prompt. To do so, go to the Start screen, search for the command prompt, right-click/top-down-swipe-to-select it and from the app bar, tap to run as administrator.
  5. In the prompt, enter slmgr -ipk xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx (replacing all the X’s with your key obviously).
  6. Activation will now work without a problem (in my case, it had activated automatically).

Now start customizing that start screen!

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Gill Cleeren     Events | Speaking | telerik     July 10, 2012    

Last week, I was busy with another user group tour in the UK for Telerik. This year, I was able to give a total of 7 sessions in 4 cities (Hereford, Cheltenham, Bristol and Southampton). A lot of people stopped by to join me on an exploration of some Windows 8 and Windows Phone talks. During the talks, we looked at the upcoming Telerik controls for Windows 8 which will make LOB development much easier in the Windows 8 space!

Here are some of the pictures of some of the evenings:

WP_000246 WP_000252 WP_000258  WP_000263 WP_000241 WP_000254 WP_000262

All the slides and demos can be downloaded below.

Thanks for stopping by to all that attended!

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Gill Cleeren     NDCOslo     June 8, 2012    

For the third year in a row, I was selected as a  speaker at NDC Oslo, in my opinion one of the best developer conferences. If you're a developer, this is THE conference that should be on your agenda starting next year. All videos from this and past editions can be found at

This year, I was asked to do 2 sessions: Windows Phone 7.5 Background workers and Advanced WinRT. Here are all the demos and slides for both sessions:

Windows Phone 7 Background workers: Slides - Demos
Advanced WinRT: Slides - Demos

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Gill Cleeren     Community Day     May 9, 2012    

I’m very proud to officially announce that the registrations for Community Day 2012 are open. Like all the previous editions, thanks to the numerous sponsors, the event is completely free. This year, we’ve outdone ourselves: we have a 6th track, over 40 deep-technical sessions and the best networking opportunities available.

So, don’t wait to register.

Below you can find all the details of the event:

Location: Utopolis Mechelen (Map)
Address: Spuibeekstraat 5 2800 Mechelen
Event date: Thursday June 21th
Start & end time: 8.30 - 19.00
Add Community Day 2012 to your agenda:
Outlook *.ics file

Participating user groups:

  • AZUG
  • Belgian C++ user group
  • BESUG (soon PIRAD)
  • CLUG
  • IT-Talks
  • Pro-Exchange
  • SCUG
  • Visug
  • WinSec
  • DotNetHub
  • MyTIC
  • Wiphug
  • TechNine

    Our sponsors! They make the event possible!





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    Gill Cleeren     SL5 Data and Services Cookbook     May 2, 2012    

    If you’re considering buying my new book, but you’re not sure if it’s a good fit for what you’re looking, the following might help! You can now download a sample chapter where you can see the style of the book as well as get some real information!


    Download the sample chapter here.

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    Gill Cleeren     Book | Silverlight | SL5 Data and Services Cookbook     May 1, 2012    

    Noted the quietness on my blog? Well, it’s about to stop as I can proudly present where I’ve been spending all my free hours on: my new book: Silverlight 5 Data and Services Cookbook. This book is the sequel to my first book, Silverlight 4 Data and Services Cookbook.

    The first version did very well (it’s a five-star book on Amazon UK and!) so we decided that the latest version of Silverlight deserved a good book in the enterprise space as well! This is why Kevin Dockx and myself wrote a whopping 650 page book.



    Should you buy the second version if you already have the first edition? Well, for starters, the new book has more than 200 extra pages, all the existing recipes have been reviewed and modified for Silverlight 5. Over 35 new recipes have been added which deeply cover MVVM, RIA Services, local data and even Windows Phone 7. And of course, all the new features that come with Silverlight 5 have been added in new recipes as well! I think it’s well worth the investment!

    Here’s a complete description (actually, it’s the back cover :) ):

    Microsoft Silverlight is a programmable web browser plugin that enables features including animation, vector graphics, and audio-video playback – features that characterize Rich Internet Applications. However, Silverlight is a great (and growing) Line-Of-Business platform and is increasingly being used to build data-driven business applications, both in an out of the browser. It is also the heart of Windows Phone 7 development so developers can leverage their knowledge on Microsoft’s new mobile platform as well. Services enable efficient access to your data, allowing you to draw on multiple sources of data and solve particular data problems. There is very little existing material that demonstrates how to build data-driven, enterprise-ready solutions with the platform. Silverlight 3 and 4 made a big step into Line-Of-Business data services and Silverlight 5 builds further upon this.

    In this book, Gill Cleeren, Microsoft Regional Director, Silverlight MVP (former ASP.NET MVP), Telerik MVP at Ordina Belgium and Kevin Dockx, a technical specialist/project leader on .NET web applications and a solution manager for Rich Applications at RealDolmen, focus on showing .NET developers how to get their finger on the pulse of data-driven business applications in Silverlight and Windows Phone 7. What’s more, the upcoming Windows 8 will allow developers to build native, immersive Metro-style applications using XAML & C# - exactly what this book is based upon. In other words, the techniques described in this book also apply to Windows 8.

    This book is not a general Silverlight 4/5 overview book; it is uniquely aimed at developers who want to build data-driven applications, based on best practices. It focuses on showing .NET developers how to interact with, and handle multiple sources of data in Silverlight business applications, and how to solve particular data problems following a practical hands-on approach, using real-world recipes. It is a practical cookbook that teaches you how to build data-rich business applications with Silverlight that draw on multiple sources of data. Most of the features covered work both in Silverlight 4 and 5. However, we cover some that are specific to Silverlight 5, which will therefore not work with Silverlight 4. Where this is the case, it is clearly indicated.

    Packed with reusable, real-world recipes, the book begins by introducing you to general principles when programming Silverlight. It then dives deep into the world of data and services, covering all the options available to access data and communicate with services to get the most out of data in your Silverlight business applications, whilst at the same time providing a rich user experience. This book also covers topics related to storing data locally as well as explaining how to work with data and services in a Model-View-View-Model (MVVM) architecture. Most of the content is applicable to Windows Phone 7 developers as well; a specific chapter on WP7 development is included in this release. By following the practical recipes in this book, which are of varying difficulty levels, you will learn the concepts needed to create data-rich business applications—from the creation of a Silverlight application, to displaying data in the Silverlight application and applying best practices such as MVVM. Each recipe covers a data services topic, going from the description of the problem, through a conceptual solution to a solution containing sample code.

    The complete table of contents can be viewed on the publisher’s site:

    Interested in getting your hands on a copy? You can buy directly from the publisher or go via Amazon or Barnes and Noble, Safari or one of the many online retailers!

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    Gill Cleeren     Metro | Silverlight | Webcasts | Webinars | Windows 8 | WinRT | XAML     February 2, 2012    

    Today I think I broke a record: the most popular SilverlightShow webinar, judging from the number of registrations and attendees. Thanks all for joining!

    Here are the slides and demos for part 1:

    Slides - Demos

    Hope to see you for part 2 on February 9th!

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    Gill Cleeren     Events | Silverlight     December 18, 2011    

    On December 6th, I did a webinar on the new features in Silverlight 5. You can download all the material from the below links.

    Let’s explore Silverlight 5: Slides - Demos

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    Gill Cleeren     Events     December 15, 2011    

    With a bit of delay, here are the slides and demos of my 2 talks I gave at the SDN Conference in Zeist, The Netherlands.

    Let’s explore Silverlight 5: SlidesDemos

    Silverlight and Azure: SlidesDemos

    Small note: the Silverlight 5 demos were built for the RC version of Silverlight 5 and need a rebuild before they’ll work with the RTM version.

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    Gill Cleeren     Events | Speaking | telerik     December 4, 2011    

    To complete the travelling of 2011, I spent the last week of November touring the entire UK for another user group tour for Telerik (the second one in the UK this year). Telerik is very active in the support of user groups: through the Telerik Insider program, speakers can be requested to go and talk to user groups all over the world, entirely sponsored by Telerik. During the talks, which are deep-dive technical talks, licenses and swag is given to attendees.

    This tour brought me in the Northern part of the country, more specifically, I visited a user group in Liverpool, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. At each location, we did 2 sessions. One of these that we “repeated” at each location was an introduction to Windows 8 and WinRT development. This of course triggered a lot of interesting discussion and questions. Each stop also filled their rooms quite well! We were lucky to have good weather (we had, apart from one single rain shower, not a single day of rain in Scotland in the last week of November!) so I made all the cities in place. Also, the weather triggered high show-rates.

    I brought home a few things from Scotland, including a cold that is now in its 10th day. This caused me to be delayed in posting all the content. But now, without further delay, here’s all the files (slides and demos) of all talks:

    Windows 8 – Windows Runtime: slidesdemos

    Liverpool: Building a Windows Phone 7 app from start to finish:

    Newcastle: Silverlight and Azure

    Edinburgh: Building a Windows Phone 7 app from start to finish

    Aberdeen: Silverlight 5 for LOB Development

    I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for all the user groups for their work!

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    Gill Cleeren     Events     December 2, 2011    

    About Microsoft TechDays

    Year after year thousands of technology professionals come together to network with peers and experts, while diving deep into Microsoft technologies and learning about the latest products and solutions. Microsoft TechDays is one of the premier technical events in Belgium & Luxembourg and not to be missed.

    With more technology areas than ever to explore, TechDays 2012 is the perfect place to get up-to-speed on the latest Microsoft technologies and up-level your skill on the technology you use every day. Content will be delivered by industry experts and Microsoft product team members.

    Register now

    Join our 10th anniversary edition in a new location (Kinepolis Imagibraine - Braine l'Alleud) and learn about:

    • Tooling and languages with Visual Studio, C# and VB
    • Cloud development with Windows Azure Platform
    • Web development with HTML5, JavaScript and ASP.NET ...
    • Windows & Internet Explorer
    • Windows Server & Hyper-V
    • Windows Phone 7 development
    • System Center 2012 & Windows Intune

    Kinepolis Imagibraine

    After 3 great years in Metropolis Antwerp we’re moving TechDays to a new location: Kinepolis Imagibraine in Braine l’Alleud (Eigenbrakel). The movie theatre is easily reachable both by car and via public transportation.

    clip_image0019 clip_image00154 clip_image00174

    If you’re coming by train: the Braine l’Alleud train station is very well connected with major cities in Belgium:

    - Antwerp: direct connection from Antwerpen-Centraal taking approx. 1 hour
    - Ghent: 1 hour trip from Gent Sint-Pieters, switching trains once at Brussel-Zuid
    - Brugge: 1,5 hour trip switching trains once at Brussel-Zuid
    - Hasselt: 1,5 hour trip switching trains once at Brussel-Zuid
    - Leuven: 50 min trip switching trains once at Brussel-Noord
    - Mons: 1 hour trip switching trains once at Brussel-Zuid
    - Namur: 1 hour trip switching trains once at Charleroi-Sud
    - Liège: 1,5 hour trip switching trains once at Brussel-Zuid
    - Brussels: 15 minutes from Brussel-Zuid

    There is a direct bus line (bus 67 from the TEC company) running from the Braine l’Alleud train station to Kinepolis Imagibraine, taking about 10 minutes.

    Coming by car? Kinepolis Imagibraine is just 5 minutes from the R0 highway (exit 24). Driving directions are available here.

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    Gill Cleeren     Events | WP7     November 10, 2011    

    I seem to have forgotten to upload the slides and demos of my talk at the UX Tour event last week in Antwerp, Belgium. You can now download them below here.

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    Gill Cleeren     Events | telerik     November 9, 2011    

    I’m getting ready for yet another user group tour for Telerik, the second time in the UK and Scotland this year (earlier I did Cambridge, Oxford and several other cities). Since Telerik is sponsoring these sessions, I can give away some licenses on each stop as well! Each evening, we’ll do some deep technical talks on XAML-related topics.

    This time, I’m heading more to the North of the country: I’ll be stopping in Liverpool, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. In each city, I’ll be doing 2 talks. For most evenings, some seats are still available so you can still register. All sessions are of course free and some food (I guess pizza :) ) will be available as well.

    Registering can be done through the following links.

    I hope to see you there!

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    Gill Cleeren     Events     November 9, 2011    

    While I was teaching a Windows Phone 7 class in Oslo, Norway, I found the time to stop by at the local NNUG user group. I gave 2 talks and as promised, you can download the slides and demos below:

    Silverlight 5 LOB Development
    MVVM in Silverlight

    I hope you enjoyed them, thanks to all attendees (over 70!) for stopping by on such short notice!

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    Gill Cleeren     Events | Silverlight     October 20, 2011    

    I had the privilege to speak at DevReach in Sofia, Bulgaria this week. DevReach is a great conference, sponsored mainly by Telerik. Now in its sixth edition, the conference always manages to have some of the best speakers around, including Scott Hanselman, Carl Franklin, Richard Campbell and many others.

    I gave 2 talks on Silverlight. As promised, you can download the code and slide decks below:

    Silverlight 5 LOB Development: SlidesDemos
    Advanced Silverlight Development: Slides - Demos

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    Gill Cleeren     Events | Silverlight | Webcasts | Webinars     August 25, 2011    

    On Wednesday 24th August, I gave a webinar on Advanced Silverlight 5 development for The webinar was attended by a lot of people and I got a lot of great feedback on it. Thanks!

    As promised, you can download the slides and the demos from my blog:



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    Gill Cleeren     Webinars     August 24, 2011    

    Today, Wednesday August 24th, I’ll be doing a one hour tour of the advanced new features available in Silverlight 5. I will explain what you’ll be using in 2012 for all your Silverlight needs!

    These are some of the topics that will be covered during the session:

    • Data binding improvements such as Ancestor RelativeSource, style setter bindings, implicit data templates and debugging options
    • Writing custom markup extensions
    • Changes in the trusted apps area
    • Working with the composition thread
    • ICustomTypeProvider
    • Miscellaneous improvements such as combobox type-ahead, font changes
    • Some topics which are post-beta

    The webinar is free of course and you can win a prize!

    Registration can be done here.

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    Gill Cleeren     LightSwitch     August 22, 2011    

    When developing LightSwitch applications with Visual Studio, a newly created (and built) solution is quite heavy on disk space. We are talking of about 100 – 130MB per solution.


    While creating the course material for Ordina’s upcoming LightSwitch course, I typically create many demo solutions, totaling several gigs of DLLs. Luckily, I found a *.cmd file in the downloads of Wrox’s excellent LightSwitch book: Beginning Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Development by István Novák.

    Running this file cleans all unnecessary files (which are recreated by Visual Studio) from the solution folder, making it easier to store many solutions on your local disk.

    This is the contents of the *.CMD file:

    @echo off

    del /Q /S /A:H <solutionName>.suo
    cd .\<solutionName>

    del /Q /S Client\bin
    rd /Q /S Client\bin
    del /Q /S Client\obj
    rd /Q /S Client\obj

    del /Q /S ClientGenerated\bin
    rd /Q /S ClientGenerated\bin
    del /Q /S ClientGenerated\obj
    rd /Q /S ClientGenerated\obj

    del /Q /S Common\bin
    rd /Q /S Common\bin
    del /Q /S Common\obj
    rd /Q /S Common\obj

    del /Q /S Server\bin
    rd /Q /S Server\bin
    del /Q /S Server\obj
    rd /Q /S Server\obj

    del /Q /S bin\Debug
    rd /Q /S bin\Debug
    del /Q /S bin\Release
    rd /Q /S bin\Release

    del /Q /S ServerGenerated\bin
    rd /Q /S ServerGenerated\bin
    del /Q /S ServerGenerated\obj
    rd /Q /S ServerGenerated\obj
    del /Q /S _Pvt_Extensions
    rd /Q /S _Pvt_Extensions
    cd ..
    echo Cleanup completed.

    You can download the file from this link as well as a ZIP file: (.36 KB). If you download the samples of the book, you’ll have the file as well.

    Cleaning your solution comes down to pasting this file in the same directory as where the solution (*.sln) (and *.suo if present)  file are located:


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    Gill Cleeren     Book     August 5, 2011    

    I’m proud to announce that the “Real World .NET 4 and C#” book on which 15 MVPs are working together, is coming close to its release. I’ve written a chapter in this book as well, on Silverlight 5 and MVVM development.


    Written by a group of experienced MVPs, this unparalleled book delves into the intricate—and often daunting—world of .NET 4. Each author draws from a particular area of expertise to provide invaluable information on using the various .NET 4, C# 4, Silverlight 4, and Visual Studio tools in the real world. The authors break down the vast .NET 4 Framework into easily digestible portions to offer you a strong foundation on what makes .NET such a popular and successful framework for building a wide range of solutions.

    • Breaks down the .NET 4 Framework into easily understandable sections
    • Features more than a dozen MVPs serving as authors, each of whom focuses on a particular area of expertise
    • Covers such topics as Windows Presentation Foundation, Silverlight 4, Windows Communication Foundation, ASP.NET performance, the entity framework, and more
    • Shares C# tips and tricks and .NET architecture best practices from a team of Microsoft MVPs

    Real World .NET 4 and C# is the ultimate resource for discovering and understanding the .NET 4 Framework.

    The book can be pre-ordered already from Amazon:

    Meanwhile, I’m focusing on my next full Silverlight 5 book, which is due for release end of this year or very early next year!

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    Gill Cleeren     Book | Silverlight     July 22, 2011    

    I’m happy to announce that a new ebook of mine has been published: Getting Ready for Microsoft Silverlight Exam 70-506.

    This ebook is based on SilverlightShow 7-part article series ‘Getting ready for Microsoft Silverlight Exam 70-506’. While the online article series give references to many external resources, several for one topic, in this ebook we picked the best resource covering the topic, and have included it as full text, together with links to source code where available. Note: approximately 85% of the resources selected are available in full, the rest of the resources are still included as links due to lack of copy permissions or inability to reach the the respective authors.

    This ebook collects a total of 100+ articles in full.

    Download Table of Contents (.doc / .docx)

    From the author: Silverlight is a rapidly evolving technology. Over a time span of 3 years, it has evolved from being a JavaScript-based platform to a full .NET implementation. With 4 versions released and version 5 in the pipeline at the time of writing, Silverlight has more versions than .NET! That makes it hard for book writers such as me to keep up with new features being added.

    It seems to me that it’s also difficult to create and manage exams about Silverlight. For the previous versions of Silverlight, there weren’t any exams available. Silverlight 4 is the first version of which an exam is being created. It was possible to take the beta-exam late 2010; the exam will be officially open in Q1 2011. More information about the exam can be found here:

    With this guide, I aim to make the preparation for the exam a bit easier.

    Goal and approach to getting ready

    At this point, there’s no official courseware available to study for the exam. In any case, you should therefore be familiar already with Silverlight development. Reading some books on Silverlight will help as well. The list below contains some links to books available for Silverlight 4:

    On top of that, reading articles and blog posts will help you in passing the exam. In this ebook, I try to create an extensive list of resources along with some explanation on the topic at hand that contain the information you need to know. To structure this, we’ll follow the list of topics described by Microsoft on the exam outline page (

    • Laying Out a User Interface (15%)
    • Enhancing the User Interface (14%)
    • Implementing Application Logic (16%)
    • Working with Data (17%)
    • Interacting with a Host Platform (11%)
    • Structuring Applications (13%)
    • Deploying Applications (13%)

    (Small note: the outlined percentages total 99%, so you’ll probably get 1% for entering your name!)

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    Gill Cleeren     Events | Silverlight | telerik     July 11, 2011    

    Last week, I travelled through the UK to give a total of 8 sessions for Telerik to 4 chapters of the user groups. More specifically, I went to Hereford, Oxford, Coventry and Cambridge. It was a pleasure being there, since we had some nice discussions throughout the talks (which of course caused all sessions to run longer than expected, some about 2,5-3  hours :) ). For the first time, I did everything by train and all went well (not a single delay on the 10 trains I took in the UK. I even had to pass through London when going from one station to another to go from Coventry to Cambridge).


    This tour was sponsored again by my good friends at Telerik, which help to get speakers to user groups with the program I am in. If you have a user group yourself and want me to come over, let me know! It’s entirely free and I can give away some nice swag and licenses at each talk!

    Here are some pictures of last week:



    And as promised, here are all the slides and demos of all the sessions:

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    Gill Cleeren     Silverlight | Webcasts | Webinars     June 28, 2011    

    Last week, I did another webinar for Silverlight Show titled Expression Blend 4 for developers. If you were unable to attend, you can view the recorded version on-demand here (it’s free :) )

    The slides can be found here and the demos you can download here.


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    Gill Cleeren     Community Day     June 27, 2011    

    Community Day 2011 is over (sadly)… But since we had so much fun, that isn’t a problem: we have a great day of Belgian community at its very best! Judging from the feedback, this was the very best edition so far, so that’s good news :)

    We had over 300 attendees seeing 32 sessions spread over 5 tracks. Most slides are already available from the agenda page.

    I want to thank you all for being there. Of course, a big thank you to the team, the sponsors and the people from BBDO!

    Here are some pictures of the event, the entire list can be seen here.








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